Day 233 - Alliterative Dinner

Last weekend, Mike and I wanted to cook dinner together. We wanted something quick and yummy, preferably with pasta (I may have pushed for this a little more than Mike). I remembered a dish we made last year with prosciutto and peas, and a quick Google search led me to this recipe for a ‘Quick, Creamy, and Alliterative’ dinner. The recipe is really easy to follow and only takes about 20 minutes to make! Plus the result is super yummy. Mike and I made it two nights in a row, and then I made it again without the prosciutto later in the week. The only deviation from the recipe that we made was using frozen peas rather than fresh ones. This is an easy change, you just stick the peas in with the pasta a few minutes before the pasta is finished. 

The ingredients:

Cooking process:

Finished product:

Yum!! Now I have a strong urge to run out and buy some prosciutto so I can make this again right now. Gosh it was so delicious!!

Today’s Good Thing: I’m having lunch and catching up with a dear friend.